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Teaching Spirit Circle with Spiritual Visionary Gloria Weichand

This class is now being held online due to the corona virus outbreak, until further notice. 

Voices by the Sea Weekly Spiritual Evidential Visionary/Mediumship Development Group, is a two hour class dedicated to removing all myths and fears connected with the world of Spirit, as well as teaching all attendees Spiritual Evidential Mediumship.

All of Gloria's weekly classes follow the same two hour schedule. Each member receives education regarding the Metaphysical, meditations, class participation in being apart of exercises/activities helping to learn, strengthen and embrace one's own special gifts and abilities. Questions and Discussions are encouraged. When time allows, all participants will partake in a Spirit Circle.

These weekly classes are filled with education, helping all attendees receive a clearer understanding of how the Spirit World, intertwines with our world.

Also, this is a wonderful place to receive peace and comfort when dealing with the loss of a loved one. 

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