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Spiritual Evidential Medium and Grief Counselor  

From a small child, Gloria has held a strong belief in God and the after life. She loved going to church and hearing all about God, angels and heaven. By the time she reached adolescence, Gloria knew that she was connected in a strong way to the other side. Gloria always received strong signs from her spirit friends through what is known as physical mediumship. Some signs were so strong that many others in her life also witnessed them. Fearing she would be different than others, Gloria tried her best to ignore the signs. However, once in a while, just like the sun, the spirits would break through. Gloria felt no fear when communicating with the spirit visitors, but no one else experienced what Gloria did. Consequently, she knew this ability was not shared by everyone. Through extensive research and thanks to, Gloria was able to confirm that she is the seventh generation that shares this ability in her family, on her mother's side.

Gloria firmly believes that the mentally and physically challenged people on the earth are some of our greatest teachers, specifically chosen to lead us, teaching us the most important lessons in life, which are compassion, understanding, acceptance, gratitude and forgiveness. She also believes that many of them chose the body their spirit resides in, knowing how great their mission truly is, understanding that we teach and learn our greatest lessons in life through difficulties, whether it be our own or witnessing others.

Gloria has her own Center, The Spirit Education Center and Sanctuary, LLC. Her thriving practice includes a host of classes, and workshops. In addition, Gloria is also available for private readings and platform gallery readings that she holds at her center or private homes and venues.  

Over the years Gloria traveled the country, teaching and lecturing others on spiritual mediumship. Her linking techniques have proven to help others become more evidential in receiving information from the spirit world.  She is also known to bring people back to God, after dealing with loss and other difficulties, which helps strengthen and bring acceptance and peace into their lives.

Her mission in life is to help the grieving and the terminally ill.  Also, to educate those who desire to do this work, to do it in the only way it should be given, which is spiritually in God's Love and Light and evidentially.  As she always says, "Treat it and use it as a gift from God...nothing else should be accepted."

Presently, Gloria continues to teach all of her classes and events online, including her very popular and highly respected eighteen month Evidential Spiritual Visionary/Mediumship Certification Course.

Gloria resides at the Jersey Shore with her husband Ralph.

Gloria Weichand sharing the stage with singer, songwriter and actress Sharon Crow and Julianne Moore, acclaimed film and TV actress.

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