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Seance - Healing Spirit Circle
Wednesday - October 30th - 2024
8:00 PM 
The Spirit Education Center and Sanctuary
86 Baywood Boulevard
Brick, NJ 08723


It is believed by many, that at different times of the year, the veil between worlds becomes thinner, enabling the Spirit World to have stronger communication with loved ones here on earth.  The  month of October, which holds Halloween and is quickly followed by All Souls Day on November 1st, is believed to be a very strong time for communication with the Spirit World.


Typically, a group of people gather to create a welcoming atmosphere and invite spirits to answer questions or deliver messages from those who have passed away, connected with those who are present.  A flickering candle, a gentle knocking, voices being heard are very common at a Spirit Healing Circle.  Gentle reminders that our loved ones are always around us.


The only rule for conducting a séance/Healing Spirit Circle is that everyone present should believe that it is possible to communicate with the world of Spirit. Since we know and believe that only good resides on the other side, we participate with no fears, understanding that God and the beautiful world of Spirit are in full control.


Being part of a Healing Spirit Circle, leave those present with a sense of wonder, appreciation and love for the world beyond.  Spirits will come to any place their loved ones are, when they are called upon.


Those attending should bring in a picture of the loved one they would like to hear from.


Please join us for a beautiful event, calling in loved ones from Spirit for those present, bringing in messages of love, comfort and peace.


This event is limited to 10 people…


The cost for this event is $50 per person…


To register and submit your payment, please click the link below...

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