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We recently had a group reading this past Saturday evening with Gloria, my sisters and my cousins. None of us had any idea of what to expect but were amazed at what transpired during out reading. We had recently lost my sister who passed away in August. She had suffered with throat cancer and other ailments during the last year of her life. My sister came through loud and clear. From the moment Gloria started her reading she felt my sister presence. My sister went on to tell us that she was grateful to us for taking such good care of her during her illness and how we helped her keep her dignity til the end She also thanked us for her burial service which was exactly the way she had wanted it to be. Gloria gave us many situations that related to my sister that no one but us could have known. It was as if my sister was right there with us. She wanted us to know that she's at peace and happy. What a comfort for all of us to know that our spirit does go on and that she will always be with us. Gloria touched each one of us with messages from others that had also passed. We're all still reeling from the experience. We are truly blessed to have gone through this and are looking forward to meeting with Gloria again. Gloria is truly gifted. She was very knowledge about how the Physic world works and we learned many things to help us understand it better. Thank you so much Gloria for being so gracious and for bringing our loved ones back even for just a moment. You are truly blessed.

- Joan DeFelice

I had a reading with Gloria last week and was shocked by how much she knew about my loved ones that have passed away. She knew things about my childhood that my husband didn't even know. I felt like I was at a very happy family reunion with those I miss so much. It is such a comfort to know that my brother, grandparents & child I miscarried are with me. I can't thank her enough for giving me the gift of peace in my heart.

- Jeanine Cardone

I recently had a private session with Gloria. She is a wonderful and gifted person. She makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. Thank you so much Gloria for putting my heart at peace. Words can not express how grateful I am to you...Looking forward to seeing you again!

- Rosanne

Living overseas in Dubai, we could not be more grateful for our telephone reading with Gloria. Its hard to imagine anything would be able to warm our hearts after the loss of our mom, but Gloria's reading had such a great amount of healing power. We lost our mom suddenly so being able to connect with her was truly a blessing. Gloria told us facts that undoubtably confirmed our mom is here with us always. Thanks Gloria for sharing your gift. Looking forward to future readings.

- Kristina Lauderdale

My family met Gloria a little over a week ago during a reading. She is an incredibly gifted medium who (seemingly) so easily and with great clarity brought through so many loved ones. She gave us great details and made it clear that it was our loved ones from the other side who came to say hello with messages, all through Gloria's wonderful gift. If I could visit her monthly--I easily would but she is so popular that you should take advantage of any opportunity to meet with her. Thank you Gloria--words do seem to fall so short for sharing your mediumship gift with all of us.

- Krissy D.

I don't even know where to start. Gloria has been a blessing for my mother and I and I can't thank her enough for all that she has done to help us.We lost my father Aug. 2, 2009 and his passing was very very hard on us both. I found Gloria through a group and started going and Gloria has brought my father through to me every time. It has helped me a great deal so I had to see if it could also help my mother who is suffering so much. Last night Gloria met my mother and I and I couldn't believe the stuff she brought through to us things that NO one could ever know like my fathers love for shoe-fly pie (Gloria didn't even know what that was lol ) and the time I had my wisdom teeth out and had so many problems or the picture of my parents on the wall or that my mom still sleeps with my fathers urn in the bed or how about that he use to shoot things out of a straw at me or the fire we had in our house I could just keep listing because there were so many. Her accurancy was right on and she really decribed my fathers personality to a "t" she kept saying to me this man was just such a jokester and he really was that kind of person.She really made us feel just like we did before he passed away "happy " and that was so hard to do because we have been so very sad since his death. I really did feel like I was sitting in the room with my father just talking about old times and I can't thank Gloria enough for giving that time to my mother and I. I really have been able to deal with this so much better since I have met Gloria and again I can't thank you enough.

- Terry

My son and I met with Gloria and we were both amazed at her abilities .Gloria gave us so many details about our family and friends that had passed away. It was an amazing experience . We will love to experience another session with Gloria.

- Jimmy Smith/Patty Colucci

Gloria is an outstanding person with a wonderful intuitive gifted soul. She reaches out to those in need with guidance love, understanding, truth and a genuiness like none other. I had met her at lilydale, with her wonderful husband, and we became wonderful close friends watching each other develop with our skills & gifts to share. I am in awe of her talents as an extraordinary phenomenal medium and feel truly blessed to have her as a friend. Im proud of you girlfriend !!! Love ya!

- Karen

What a wonderfully, gifted woman Gloria is! I feel honored to have met her. I am eternally grateful to her for the peace she has given me.Thank you, Gloria!

- Jennifer

After a reading with Gloria I was amazed by her spiritual connectiveness. She is a asset to those who are going thru the greiving process or for those who simply need closure. She is accurate and is able to allow the essence of the spirit come through in conversation to help others move thru life easier. Gloria has the ablility to maintain a peaceful safe setting to nurture what can be for many a very difficult emotional experience-grief of a lost loved one. I walked away feeling hopeful and at peace. Gloria's gift can help many who open their hearts to it.Gloria was able to help my friend and I grief the loss of her mother this year to cancer. My friend does not live close by me(States away..actually) and when I called her to catch up I also asked if she wore her diamond wedding rings on her left hand? and I named a name Gloria had given me to talk to her about-I heard a gasp-"How could you remember that-Yes! I never take it off and it doesn't fit on my other hand-That Ring was handed down to her by her husband's grandmother (a name Gloria had given me that I didn't know-I had know idea my friend did this!). Gloria comfirmed that my friends mother felt at peace. She can accuratly described folks the way I remember them . It was a amazing experience. Blessings to you Gloria you are gifted.

- Deborah

Laura Ophoff

Honestly, there is no other way to truley describe the experience that I had with Gloria last night on the phone, but ABSOLUTLEY BLOWN AWAY!!!!! Not only did Gloria do my reading with true compashion and sensitivity, but her acuracy to names and details were amazing! My best friend past away a few months ago at the age of 29. We were childhood friends but soon after high school we were seperated by a long distance and lost touch with eachother. Faith had it that our paths crossed three years ago... and we then became best friends again even though we were still seperated through distance. There was so much about her life that I missed out on (from the years that we were seperated) and never got a chance to ask or understand what she went through and was still going through. Gloria helped me answer so many questions to the missing puzzle pieces. For the first time, I actually felt at piece for my friend and was able to really understand why happened in her life the years I missed out on which ultimetly lead to her death. I never thought I would be able to say this, but I finally got closure! This experience has changed my life! I always will be thankful to Gloria for sharing her special gift with me!Gloria, you truley inspire me to learn more about this world and I thank you so much for everything!God Bless you!

- Laura Ophoff

My family was devastated after our youngest member passed away in a freak accident. We were unable to function or even find the strength to carry on with this great loss. But Gloria, out of the goodness of her heart, answered a desperate email depicting this tragedy. She was able to tell us things; names, stories, events that would not otherwise be known to an outsider. My baby brother was with us. Gloria was our connection. I cannot thank her enough for saving my life, but my sister's as well.

- Britt Smith

Today I met with Gloria and though I don't have space for specifics, I know that she is a true medium. She is a genuine soul who is blessed with a gift that she only uses for good. She does her work for God, and has given me the answers that I've been searching for. My view on spirituality hasn't even altered, just expanded. I left her home in complete peace and I definitely recommend her to those interested. I now know that my mother's still with me, and if I ask for an answer, somehow it will come!

- Leslie Dunn 

I recently has a private reading with Gloria and my son came through loud and clear for almost 2 hours. He was 13 when he suddenly passed in a car accident and I had so many questions, I lost my faith and I was dead inside. After 9 long years I thought my life was completely over and Gloria saved me. My questions were answered and my son is at peace. He has been with me all this time. Thank you Gloria for saving me you are truly a blessing and so talented. I'll be back often.

- Susan Armona

Gloria is amazing! My dad came to me and let me know that I was making the right decision about working on getting my mom into assisted living. Thanks!

- Valerie Campbell

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