The Spirit Education Center and Sanctuary, LLC

"Love knows No Distance , , , I'm Only A Whisper Away "

Sharing Spirit Energy


September 12th, 2020

10:00AM - 4:00PM

Cost: $125.00


In this workshop, learn how to work with fellow Mediums Sharing the Platform Gallery, tapping into the same Spirit Energies. You will learn how to Recognize Energy; Separate and Place Energy; Share Spirit Energy; Work closer with your Band of Guides; Proper etiquette while working with other Mediums.

Also, Deep Chakra Meditation; The Psychic Triangle in Sharing Spirit Energy; Rhythmic Harmony; Tapping into and feeling Soul Energy of the living; Connecting Spirit Energy Symbolically; Securing conditions for Spirit; Entranced State into the Realm of Communication with Spirit.

This workshop is full of exercises designed specifically to help you learn how to "Link Up" and Share Spirit Energy with your Colleagues. 

It will also include opportunities for each person to practice Sharing Platform Gallery. 

Sharing Spirit Energy is a wonderful opportunity, both professionally and personally, to "spread your wings" as you become able to comfort and heal in a more expansive way!

Space is limited!