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"Love knows No Distance , , , I'm Only A Whisper Away "

Dr. Raymond Moody with Gloria J. Weichand at her Center, The Spirit Education Center and Sanctuary, located in Effort, Pennsylvania.

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"Portal To The Other Side"

The use of the Psychomanteum is actually an ancient process initiated for contacting Spirit.  Details for the usage of such a portal for inter-dimensional contact can be found in the writings of the ancient Greeks.  Dr. Raymond Moody, world renowned scholar and researcher, resurrected the concept of the psychomanteum and modified it for modern usage and research, over thirty years ago.   

The primary intent for using the Psychomanteum is to ease the symptoms of grief associated with the loss of a loved one.  However, there are other uses for the Psychomanteum which are highly significant in creating a state of expanded awareness and offering answers and healings to those who take part in the process.  The main purpose of a Psychomanteum sitting is:

~ Communication with a loved one for connection and closure.

Through the Intention of the person sitting in the Psychomanteum, this and much more can take place during a session. 

Gloria Weichand, Spiritual Evidential Medium, Founder and Program Director of the Center, traveled to Anniston Alabama to study and become certified to open her own Psychomanteum under the direction and guidance of Dr. Raymond Moody, to assure success. 

Gloria has followed Dr. Moody’s career, his work with near death experiences and his work in creating his own very successful Psychomanteum, for over thirty years.  She believes the Psychomanteum is a strong portal to the other side and wants those grieving to once again have an opportunity to connect with their loved ones to bring more peace and acceptance into their own lives.  

Upon returning home, over a period of many months, Gloria, among others, worked diligently to create this wonderful gift to be added to her Center, which was opened to the public officially in October, 2013.

Dr. Moody visited The Spirit Education Center and Sanctuary in April of 2014 and briefly sat in the Psychomanteum, giving it his "seal of approval."   Many have tried to duplicate Dr. Moody's Psychomanteum but have not been successful.  Thankfully, because of Gloria's work with Dr. Moody and her own Intention, the Psychomanteum at Gloria's Center accomplishes it's connect to the world of Spirit.  

Since it's opening, many have sat in the Psychomanteum at Gloria's Center and all have benefited from this amazing portal to the other side.

Heaven, The Other Side, or as Gloria calls it, The Next Dimension, is a place of love, light and eternal peace. Only good resides on the other side. No such thing as a trapped spirit or a haunted place.  A good money maker for many, but not truthful.  God does not need any help in getting one to the Light...a ridiculous concept if you have a firm belief in God.   One of her favorite sayings is "Fear the living, never fear the dead.  Spirit can never hurt you in any way, the living, that's another story!"  Our loved ones and all other energies from the next dimension have no desire nor ability to bring us anything but love, comfort and peace."  Gloria's sole purpose for creating the Psychomanteum is specifically for those grieving who need more acceptance, closure and peace in their lives due to loss.

For further information, or to be placed on the waiting list to sit in the Psychomanteum, please call 570-619-4067.