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Evidential Mediumship Intensive Workshop - Saturday, November 4th, 2017 - 10AM To 4PM - Part I


There is a new wave of Mediumship called Spiritual Evidential Mediumship.  This type of Mediumship is different from many who claim the ability to do this work.  Because we live in a very technological age, it's easy for many to track a last name, phone number, etc. on the Internet and get a wealth of information about the person before the Reading.  The charletons out there as I call them, can pull up one obituary and receive enough information to do five or more readings.   This type of Reading is unethical toward the person who seeks the Medium's messages from their deceased loved ones. 

God has gifted many with the ability to connect to the world of Spirit.  These connections should not be vague or misleading.  Therefore, this work, this mission, should be done in a way that is pleasing to our Creator, in total trust and truth.  We accomplish this through Education and Meditation, which will help us receive Credible and Evidential information for the ones who find their way to us.  

Please join us for these two intensive classes which will help you have a better understanding of your own gifts and abilities.  This class will help your connection to the world of Spirit grow by leaps and bounds as your education increases and you participate in unique exercises.

A 30 minute lunch break will be taken.

Each class is $95...if both classes are taken total cost is $170.

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