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Voices From Spirit Online Weekly Mediumship Development Group

Voices From Spirit Online Weekly Mediumship Development Group, is a two hour class dedicated to removing all myths and fears connected with the world of Spirit, as well as teaching all attendees Evidential Mediumship.

All of Gloria's weekly classes follow the same two hour schedule. Each member receives education regarding the Metaphysical, meditations, class participation in being apart of exercises/activities helping to learn, strengthen and embrace one's own special gifts and abilities.  Questions and Discussions are encouraged.  When time allows, all participants partake in a Spirit Circle.

These weekly classes are filled with education, helping all attendees to receive a clearer understanding of how the Spirit World, intertwines with our world.  Also, this is a wonderful place to receive peace and comfort when dealing with the loss of a loved one. 


Voices From Spirit Online Weekly Mediumship Development Group provides full interaction with Gloria as well as all attendees. This is a new innovative way to be educated and be a part of studies into the amazing world of Spirit in the comfort of your own surroundings.  

Some have inquired asking if more than one person can be present at a certain location and still be apart of this weekly class.  You may have as many as you would like and are encouraged to do so, but each person must register individually with full name and email, and each must pay the $10 charge.  There will be an attendance taken at the start of each class.  At no time will a person be permitted to participate in any way, unless they registered individually, and their name has been called in attendance.  We have the ability to break into groups online, however, if you have several people at your own location, you may choose to stay with your own group, if you desire to do so.  The choice will be your own.

Each class begins at 7:30PM and ends at 9:30PM.  Every Tuesday follows the same schedule.  This is an ongoing class and it is never to late to join.  We get several new people every month.  It is a continuation of Mediumship Development for all levels.

Although there are many classes online, this is a new groundbreaking weekly Mediumship Development group, receiving the same education, exercises/activities and participation many receive by being apart of a weekly in person class.  

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